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Your people are important, so we help you create the communications that will help you attract and develop the best talent, and create positive work environments.


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eBay re-launched its annual ‘Heroes’ awards, designed to celebrate people in the business who have exceeded their remit. We developed the concept of ‘iCans’ to promote the ‘can-do’ attitude shared among all eBay Heroes. We then carefully selected a series of inspirational faces and quotes to support the message.


The visual treatment combines photography of celebrities and iconic people with an illustrative style that brings the quotes to life. This was applied to a wide variety of collateral, including posters, email stings and animations calling for entries, as well as a dedicated website. The awards campaign was launched with a series of posters and animations, highlighting the achievements of iconic people. The purpose was to inspire the people of eBay.

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eBay Heroes
eBay: iCan awards PIERRE OMIDYAR
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eBay: iCan awards J K ROWLING
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eBay: iCan awards BRADLEY WIGGINS
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eBay: iCan awards JILL SANDER
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The next stage of the campaign was to showcase our eBay nominees through the continued poster campaign. Finally the winners were announced...

“I’ve been working with the Farraday team for more than ten years. From the outset I have always been impressed with Farraday’s ability to interpret a brief and get to grips with the communications challenges in the often extremely complex businesses I’ve worked in.


Most notably, Farraday worked with me extensively for six years when I was European Head of Corporate Communications at eBay. They worked on external and internal communications across several departments in the UK and Europe. Their work included employee engagement events, campaigns and e-newsletters, as well as market reports for sellers.


Farraday is professional, creative and always hits deadlines, no matter how tight or challenging. The entire team instils a sense of confidence at every stage of a project. They won’t compromise on anything less than perfection and are incredibly easy to work with, all rare commodities nowadays. The quality of Farraday’s work, even in draft form, is better than many other agencies’ final efforts!


What I value most highly, however, is that they retain a sense of humour when the going gets tough and never show an ounce of frustration, even when the client goes slightly ‘off 'brief’. Quite simply, I could not recommend them more highly.”

Vanessa Canzini

Communications Consultant

(Former European Head of Corporate Communications, eBay)

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